Streaming to SHOUTcast and Icecast with Butt Encoder

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Butt encoder supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
The following tutorial is designed for Windows users.
You can download Butt encoder for free from the following URL:

Streaming with Butt encoder is very simple.

  • You will need the servers Hostname or IP address
  • Your servers port
  • Your servers streaming password
  • Your servers max Bit Rate

Please make sure that your PC's soundcard recording device is set to your desired source. On windows this would typically be 'Stereo Mix' to capture all sounds through your soundcard or 'Line In' to capture sounds just from the Line In source (Typically used for connecting audio equipment).

Selecting the recording device source on Windows 7

  • Right click on the speaker icon near your clock on the task bar and select Recording Devices (Control panel>>Sounds>>Recording Tab).
  • Select your desired source as Default Device. (If you cannot see your desired source, right click and tick Show Disabled Devices).
  • If the device is running correctly when sound is played the level indicator should be moving.


Selecting the recording device on Windows XP


  • Open Sounds and Audio Devices, click Start, click Control Panel, click Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices, and then click Sounds and Audio Devices.
  • Find the Audio tab and click on it. In the Sound Recording section: from the drop down menu, select your desired recording source.
  • Click on the Volume button below the drop down menu.
  • Tick your desired device and adjust the slider accordingly.
  • If your desired device is not shown, click Options, select Properties and tick all desired devices to be shown.

xp-recording panel

Butt Encoder configuration

Upon opening Butt encoder you will need to click the Settings button.

In the settings window under Main tab

Select your Audio Device you wish to use and that is selected in your PC's Recording Device.
Audio Device
Under the Server section click ADD.
Server Add

  • In the ADD Server window select ShoutCast
  • In the Name section enter a Name for your stream. (This is for your usage only.)
  • In the Address section enter the Host or IP of your streaming server.
  • In the Port section enter your streaming server Port.
  • In the Password section enter your streaming Password. (This is different from your admin password.)
  • Click Save

Add Server

Under the Stream Infos section click ADD
Info Add

  • Enter a Name for your stream Infos. (This is for your usage only.)
  • Enter a Description for your stream
  • Enter a Genre for your stream
  • Enter your website URL
  • Enter any Messenger details if you have them and want them to be public
  • Tick Make Server Public if you would like your stream shown on the SHOUtcast directory
  • Click ADD



Click on the Stream tab from the top buttons.

In the settings window under Stream tab

  • Select your desired Bit Rate depending on your maximum purchased Bit Rate.
  • Enter a Sample rate for your stream. (This will typically be 44100Hz)
  • Under the channel section select either Stereo or Mono.
  • Under the Codec section select Mp3



You can make recordings of your streams under the Rec Tab.
Once completed click the Main tab and click Save Settings.
If you would like your stream to start when you open Butt Encoder you can select Connect at Startup.

Now every time you close your encoder your settings will be saved.

Connecting to the stream

Once all your settings have been entered simply click the Play button on the main Butt encoder window.
If all settings were entered correctly and your streaming server is started you should now be connected and details will be displayed in the info window. If the info window is not shown simply click the info button under settings.
When you have finished streaming simply click the Stop button and close down the encoder.