Video everywhere!

Deliver your video content to multiple devices with ease using the latest technology from the Wowza Media Streaming Engine. Live or On Demand, our easy to use control panel will get you streaming within minutes.


Simply connect your encoder on desktop or your mobile device and brodcast video live to the world.


On Demand

Upload your videos and show them to the world AdFree! Perfect for websites and watch again services.


Simulated Live

Schedule your video files to play when you want. Just like a TV station everyone will view at the same time.


Video Streaming

Stream GB deploys the latest technology from the Wowza Streaming Engine to ensure your video is displayed on as many different screens and platforms possible.

Our easy to use control panel allows you to administrate your streaming server with ease whilst taking full advantage of the detailed statistics to target audience growth.

Live video

Streaming live to Stream GB is easy. A few simple steps and you will be broadcasting quality audio and video streaming in minutes.
Stream GB is here every step of the way with easy to use set up guides and support just a click away.

Your live stream wil be powered by the latest technology from the Wowza Streaming Engine, this allows your stream to be viewable on multiple desktop screens, set top boxes and mobile devices.

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On Demand

Upload your video content and play to the world with no adverts.
Professional video delivered to multiple devices utilizing the Wowza Streaming Engine.

Make your own video playlists with an easy to use control panel and let your viewers select which video they would like to see. Perfect for website video and catch up services.

Free Trial Prices and Order
  • Live
  • On Demand
  • Simulated Live
  • Mobile Devices
  • Statistics
  • Transcoding
  • Transrating
  • Event Recording
  • DVR - Live Stream Rewind - Pause- Play

Simulated Live

Ensure your stream has content 24-7 with our simulated live feature.
Swop between a live feed and uploaded content automatically.
When your encoder disconnects your uploaded content will play out to your audience without disconnecting viewers.
You can schedule content to play on specific days and times with our easy to use drag and drop user interface.

Free Trial Prices and Order



Deliver your content to multiple devices on multiple connections.
Simply encode 1 stream to your ingest server and the Wowza streaming Engine Transcoder will transcode your stream to a variety of bitrates.
Viewers will automatically get the best stream depending on their connection. This prevents buffering on devices using 3G whilst allowing viewers with good connections the ability to view full HD video.


Allow your viewers the ability to Pause, Rewind, Forward and Resume to Live broadcast with our DVR feature.
Just like modern TV, your viewers do not want to miss a thing.

This feature removes the hardware needed to record live streams on the end device and places it on our streaming servers.
A Professional cost effective solution will save your audience missing vital parts of your live stream.

Live stream Record

Record your live streams and make them available for playback. Perfect for catch up services. All streams are recorded and available to view in your control panel. Choose to download the recording or make it available to your audience with On Demand or Simulated Live.

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